Duplicate Deal Add-on for HubSpot

Duplicate Deal Add-on for HubSpot CRM


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This add-on or “widget” will allow users in your HubSpot instance to clone an existing deal so that you can save time from manually inputting dozens of properties and eliminate the risk of making errors between records. It lives right in the Deal record for easy access. This widget only processes the data for a millisecond before sending it on its way to the new record – it does not store anything.
Before now, your only options to duplicate a deal have been manual data entry, third-party iPaas tools, or custom development. Our widget is a no-brainer alternative.

What it does:

  • Keeps your team focused on what matters – creating happy new customers and delighting your existing clientbase. Free them from the friction that makes it tough to just do their jobs. By putting more time back in their day to do the most important things, everybody wins.
  • Reduces the administrative burden of overly manual workarounds to complete simple objectives, like cloning a deal. Whether you use just a few deal properties or upwards of 1,000, the time saved not copy/pasting will be valuable. Plus, you’ll seriously mitigate the risk of human errors like typos or incorrect values in the process.

How it works:

  • Purchase a Subscription: you’ll get a free trial on the front side, so you don’t have much to lose. Figure out which payment option works for you, and manage the details from your payment account.
  • 2-click Process to Connect Your Account: connecting our add-ons is as simple as two clicks, really. We’ve streamlined the process and eliminated any hoop-jumping that could trip you up.
  • Make a Copy of an Existing Deal: navigate to the Deal you want to clone and you’ll find the widget on the right-side rail. It will be clearly marked and easy to use.
  • Set Key Values for the New Deal: while you may want the majority of property values to be the same, there are going to be some that you’ll want to customize for the new Deal record, like ‘Deal Stage,’ ‘Close Date,’ or ‘Deal Owner,’ for instance. This will help you avoid inadvertently triggering any automation you might have set up associated to various Deal Stages.
  • Select Products to Carry Forward: if you’ve implemented Products in your org, it will be important to maintain those selections and associations from the original Deal record to the new Deal record. We understand that these objects have serious implications on businesses like yours.

Available Plans

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Unlimited Users 1 Hubspot Portal

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